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Welcome to the home of Sabrina Online Radio Play, presented by Midnite Lilly Productions Bookmark this page and check back often or join our yahoogroup!

Working on the SorP special "Fate's Mighty Paws" (stand-alone feature). Find all episodes in the Download section.
"Ziggygunner" has begun uploading SorP episodes to a Youtube channel. Thanks, Ziggy!

What IS "Sabrina Online"?
Sabrina Online is an online webcomic created and written by Eric W. Schwartz. It began around 1996 and is still going strong today. The webcomic hosts a variety of anthromorphic characters including the star- Sabrina Skunk, and her friends and family: Amy Squirrel, Thomas Woolfe, Tabitha Skunk, ZigZag, and many more. The comic is cute, romantic, and witty but has a PG-13 rating (including the audio play) so it's not for children or sensitive eyes/ears. It's not downright vulgar at all, and Midnite Lilly highly recommends it to the webcomic fanatic.

Midnite Lilly Productions always welcomes donations, although it is not required to enjoy the site's content.

Episodes 1-12 are being mirrored and are no longer available on the psychomouse server. Check the downloads page for more details.


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